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Astronomical observatory
P.O.Box 4
900 01 Modra
tel.: +421 336475261


17°,27402056 E


48°,37327278 N


531.10 m

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The first discovery of Near-Earth Asteroid

The first discovery of Near-Earth Asteroid from Slovakia

A very small asteroid designated 2005 GB34 was found at CCD-images of Astronomical and Geophysical Observatory, Comenius University, in Modra, on April 6, 2005. Its rapid motion accross the sky - about 2 degrees per hour - meant it was passing by Earth. After confirmation by observers from United Kingdom, USA, Australia and New Zealand its orbit was determined. The first official information about the discovery can be found in MPEC 2005-G49. The total observational arc was nearly 6 days. This near-Earth asteroid was only about 30 m in diameter and approached the Earth within 0.007 AU on April 7, 2005, while encounter velocity was about 12 km/s. In the upcoming years it will be very faint (until April, 2084).

Such discovery was the first from Slovakia. The discoverer was Adrián Galád.

Several discovery images in a loop below were processed to enhance contrast between asteroid and the background noise (stars were slightly suppressed). Exposures were 60 s long, with 41 s pauses for downloading and saving images. The discovery was a side effect of photometry of (5905) Johnson from the Hungaria group of asteroids, which turn out to be a binary system. It is near the centre (a small bright dot without black dot in the middle).

The coordinates:

R.A. : 13h 23m 01s
declination: 34deg 29' 58"
field of view: about 25'x25'



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