Astronomical and geophysical observatory in Modra, Slovakia

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Astronomical observatory
P.O.Box 4
900 01 Modra
tel.: +421 336475261


17°,27402056 E


48°,37327278 N


531.10 m

MPC code:



The main instrument of the AGO Modra is a reflecting telescope made by Zeiss with the 60-cm primary mirror  and the focal length of 329 cm. There is a CCD camera Apogee Ap8 in the primary focus and a filter wheel with BVRI Johnson filters. However, most of the work is done in the unfiltered mode. The camera, filters and the telescope are controlled by a computer. A smaller, 20 cm refractor (f=304 cm) attached to the main telescope was used to observe the Sun in the H-alfa line in the past.

You can preview a panorama of the interior of the dome and the telescope on 360cities (photo by Marek Harman).

The Original

Picture of telescope in AGO Modra

Picture of telescope in AGO Modra
(photos by Peter Borovský)



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