Astronomical and geophysical observatory in Modra, Slovakia

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Astronomical observatory
P.O.Box 4
900 01 Modra
tel.: +421 336475261


17°,27402056 E


48°,37327278 N


531.10 m

MPC code:


AMOS in Chile

Slovak astronomers from Comenius University continue in installation of their original AMOS meteor system, particularly in Atacama desert in Chile. AMOS (All-sky Meteor Orbit System) is observing almost entire sky by video and provides meteor trajectory and orbital data. Two AMOS cameras were installed in Space Observatory (San Pedro de Atacama) and in Paniri Caur Observatory in Chiu-Chiu. The distance of stations is 83.5 km and almost ideal for triangulation.

AMOS is located in elevation of 2400 -2500 m above the sea level, with dark skies and excellent observing conditions that allow the system to enhance its efficiency. Currently AMOS is located on four sites in Slovakia, two sites in Canary Islands and two in Chile. This configuration allows monitoring of both hemispheres and covers about 18 hours of the 24 hours of a day.

AMOS is patented and was awarded by a gold medal at INVENTO 2013 exhibit. The latest generation of AMOS was invented, developed and installed within grant project APVV-0517-12 by astronomers and engineers (Tóth, Kalmančok, Zigo, Kornoš, Világi, Šimon) of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, Comenius University in Bratislava.

Juraj Tóth, PhD.

Installation of AMOS in Chile (P. Zigo).

Installation of AMOS in Chile (J. Šimon).


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